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Aluminum Window And Door

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Aluminum outswing window

High quality aluminum outswing window with competitive price.

Style: Classical

Frame material: aluminum alloy

Open Style: outswing window

Surface Finishing: Powder-coated/ Anodized /Electrophoresis/PVDF

The name : Aluminum outswing window

Model : Kinzon04

Key Specifications/Special Features

1. Powerful ability to resist external strong wind: 9th grade of country standard, P3≥5.0kPa, the highest grade is 9th grade

2. Strong ability to prevent rain from penetrating into building: 5th grade of country standard, ΔP=500Pa, the highest grade is 6th grade

3. Nice performance of sealing air on whole window system: 7th grade of country standard, q1=1.0m3 (m2.b) q2=3.0m2 (m.b), the highest grade is 8th grade

4. Excellent performance to keep constant of room temperature: 8th grade of country standard, K=1.5W/(m2.k), the highest grade is 10th grade

5. Good capability to prevent sound transmission from either inside or outside: 5th grade of country standard, the highest grade is 6th grade

6. Nice capability to prevent fire from spreading when building in on fire

7. Can achieve different opening styles, such as: fixed, outward opening, inward opening, top hanging, tilt and turn

8. Prevents to be broken in by strong force

9. Applied to regions where the insulation, heat insulation performance requirements are higher

10. Leading the flow of sealant through sealant guide plate, increasing the intensity and sealing performance of window corner

11. Using sponge foam composite EPDM to achieve dual sealing and ensure the sealing performance, increasing watertight, air tightness, reducing the opening and closing force

12. Material: aluminum alloy

13. Colors: many kinds of customized colors, electrophoretic, anodized, powder spraying, fluorocarbon spraying, wood grain transfer, surface coating, silver white, white, bronze, champagne, golden, black, gray, green, wood grain color

14. Glass types: double glazing, low-e glazing, vacuum glazing, bullet-resistant glazing, fire-resistant glazing, aluminum venetian blinds in the middle of double glazing

15. Hardware: Chinese top brand or German brand

16. Customized sizes are accepted

17. Packing: hard EPS, plastic sheet, carton, wooden box, pallets or iron shell

1. Sound insulation: over 36 db

2. Wind pressure resistance: V3

3. Air permeation resistance: A3

4. Water resistance: 5.U-Value< w/m2.k

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